Business Valuation Services

Every organization is confronted with the need for assessment of assets, relationships with its customers and suppliers, intellectual property, technology, and business knowhow. Our mission is to help organizations make a well informed and educated business and investment choice.  

We provide valuation services to enterprises of all sizes across a variety of industry domain. Our valuation assessments are thoughtfully and methodically contemplated and documented, to provide critical support on all engagements.  

We are well suited to provide Valuation services and Compliance assurance to existing entities buying or selling a business, or for the entities to be incorporated. We at N S Kumar & Co. recognize the significance of valuing the company and understand its pivotal role in formulating business strategies. Rapidly changing business dynamics make it imperative for companies to seek robust and independent valuations for various reasons. Valuation of businesses or business ownership interests may be performed for a wide variety of purposes like: 

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